What’s tire today Car Rental Chiang Mai bring to you.

Tires are the pieces that compose the wheel or wheels of cars of various types, tires which are black circular shape and has a hole in a ring. Internal hollow filled with high pressure air or nitrogen gas to increase security, tires are responsible for baggage and vehicle weight by just a single part of the car touching the ground. Car Rental Chiang Mai said that this makes the car capable of running continuously, tires, which is hard-working and very important.

What is tires made from?

Tires that looked like it came straight from a true composite materials, is there a rubber nylon poly ester fiber or steel frame to add a class called Project Canvas. If the English names of conventional tires (bias ply tire) and radial tires (radial ply tire) to see the word “ply” is inserted, Ply fiber is in the frame canvas. Radial tires are woven into every fiber to the vertical with the circumference of the tires to the pressure in the periphery, different from ordinary rubber wrote together a 30-40 degree angle, radial tires. Some models use a steel bracket add extra strength and allow the tire to go flat on the ground as well.

The tire of the car is important as well, because it allows the car driven away and also helps in the braking system on the road with the slip. Good tires that must have the ability to help the drivers have the confidence and reduce the shock.

To maintain the tire of car.

  • You should clean the tires with water and wipe dry etching to remove stones and gravel in the tread.
  • Do not keep the tires in the direct sunlight.