Warning Thai rent a car

Today   car rental chiang mai    will come to reiterate. Car rental in Chiang Mai, and how to prevent being cheated out of all the car hire company. Many people who travel to Chiang Mai, it will use a selection of car rental in Chiang Mai, because it is a comfortable car to travel to the various areas. And there are many shop Car rental. If you unfortunately, it may become the pulp of those good intentions with us. When renting a car will have to pay a deposit to the amount of about 2000-4000 baht depending on each shop, because the price of a car quite expensive and we also to look out yourself in order to prevent trickery. When you traveling you do not feel lonely. You have to put deposit and to rent a car, rental about 500-900 per day, when you pick up a car we will transfer a car to you and then you have to check a car it has scratch or not in order to voice problem when drop of car.

So before renting a car always read the contract carefully before signing. And before I get in the car rental company will have both good and bad here. Check that the car has a patina where. Took the view it Most importantly, take the car around it. It is claimed that this is proof that the stain again. Finally, ask people to rent a car in Chiang Mai. Well, let me look first.