Truck and Car Rentals in Chiang Mai.

Renting a car with Car Rental Chiang Mai are usually fairly inexpensive and easy to arrange for. The small cars and trucks will cost just over 1,000 baht per day. Make sure that the insurance is comprehensive and that your vehicle is dent-free before you sign anything. If the vehicle has any damage, be sure to note it on the rental contract or you may be held responsible for it. Crown Car Rental Chiang Mai suggest you keep the copy documents of the rental agreement with you just in case you’re stopped by police or you have an accident.

On the other hand Crown Car Rental Chiang Mai need recommend you, if the police pull you over, don’t argue and don’t afraid. Just smile, be patient, polite and very courteous. As a foreigner, they normally will not ticket you, unless of course you’ve done something really bad or you are stupid enough to quickly speak Thai with them!

All you need to rent the cars are a valid driving license, written using the Roman alphabet. If it is not, an International Driving License is needed to have and your passport.

There are many car rental agents in Chiang Mai but Crown Car Rental Chiang Mai need tell you be aware that some rent cars offer no insurance or invalid insurance, as the borrow cars from private individuals so insurance might not be valid. Not to mention the vehicle service may not be in order. So you have only listed well known ones who offer good vicars for rent and offer services to assure worry free experiences as far I know.

Crown Car Rental Chiang Mai provide your Cars and truck, you may also want a pickup and delivery service to be available, as well as 24 hour service.