Traveling Ob Luang Chiang Mai with Car rental Chiang Mai.

A worthwhile two-day trip for visitors who want to see natural nice as well as experience adventure in an area that is not too far from Chiang Mai would be a trip to Ob Luang , southwest of Chiang Mai. The national park lies around 105 kilometers from Chiang Mai-Hord Street,

Ob Luang National Park with is an amazing attraction comprising both splendid natural fascination as well as mysterious scenery. Under a bridge connecting the two sides of the narrow, steep gorge, a tortuous river flows, framed by teak forests and mountains. Subject to erosion by the strong currents of the river, the rocks and precipice form the canyon and strangely shaped rock formations. The water has to force its way over rocks and boulders that hinder the course making a magnificent sight.

The National Park covers a total area of 553 square kilometers of be precipitous forested granite hills, adjoining the much higher mountains of Doi Inthanon Park to the northwest. The elevation ranges from 250 meters to 1,656 meters along the Mae Jaem River to the northeast. The national park forms the divide of Mae Jaem River the main water tributary of the Mae Ping River. The area is full of high, be precipitous cliffs with a narrow passage creating strong currents and powerful echoes.

“Ob” and “Luang” in northern Thai language means valley and grand respectively. The narrow gorge with avoid sides and a raging torrent at the bottom is a great reason a visit. You can touch the nature with the forest conservation. We want you to try use Car rental Chiang Mai, it is new car and great quality, we are also suggest you tourism attraction as well.