Traveling Doi Ang Khang with Chiang Mai Car rental.

Doi Ang Khang is one of the important tourist attraction of Chiang Mai, traveling to Chiang Mai in order to convenience, must try to use Car rental Chiang Mai. There are many brands of car you can choose, which one would you like to rent and we are also have the car with driver, in the case you don’t want to drive for your own.

Visit to the Royal Angkhang Station Project is a must while in the Doi Angkhang area. This research project provides agricultural promote to neighbouring hilltribes and develops non-indigenous crops for them to grow. Lovely flower and Bonsai gardens are tended alongside fruit, vegetables and herb gardens.

A comfortable 3 hour 10 minute drive from Chiang Mai by Car rental Chiang Mai, through some of Thailand’s spectacular scenery, Angkhang is the defense place to unwind. The mountain location, cool climate and scenic beauty of the surrounding countryside make it an ideal escape. Doi Angkhang offers a characteristic destination for tourists with both the beauty of the natural environment and the intriguing and characteristic lifestyles of the local hill tribes.

Doi Ang Khang, the weather is cool all year, although the summer because it is high from sea level to 1,400 meters, places of interest, it is winter garden flowers that are very beautiful, if winter is coming. Eighty garden with flowers of Rhododendron, Magnolia Sakura Japanese. Beautiful soft pink you can visit the Agricultural Station. There is also a large garden plum fruit during the winter as well. The area also houses the rose plants, vegetable plants, research, or patio flowers. Doi Ang Klang does not have only beautiful garden, they also have coffee, Arabica coffee beans grown on high ground coffee, roasted sweet smell. They provide both hot and cold cappuccino, espresso, coffee.