Travel Doi Suthep with Crown Car Rental Chiang Mai

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There are many traveler come to visit Chiang Mai and want to visit Doi Suthep, but you don’t know how do we go to Doi Suthep? Today Crown Car Rental Chiang Mai provide you the car for rent. Doi Suthep is a stable part of life in Chiang Mai. A Thai saying goes, “If you haven’t try Khao or seen the view of Doi Suthep, you haven’t been to Chiang Mai.”

In 1981 Doi Suthep, Doi Pui and Doi Buakha, along with the 160 square kilometres (62 square miles) of forest in which they are located, became Thailand’s 24th national park. A year later a 100 square kilometre (38 square mile) Appendix was added, bringing the park’s total area up to 260 square kilometres (100 square miles). Dense forests hang from the mountain’s shoulders like a cloak; deciduous at lower elevations & evergreen near the peaks of the mountains.

The highest peak in the park is Doi Pui mountain which tops off at 1,685 meters (5,528 feet), making it the eighth largest mountain in Thailand. Flowing from these heights are some of the most highly complacent and accessible waterfalls in the Kingdom’s northern reaches. Mae Sa water Falls, Huay Kaew water Falls and Monthathan water Falls are among the most popular sights of the park and are easily reached from the main street.

The park’s high elevation keeps the temperature gladly cool, even during the inflate heat of June. Doi Suthep National Park also incorporates the Mae Sa Valley, a real buffet of activities and sights. Farther north, in the park’s 100 square kilometre (38 square mile) annex you will find the pleasant and often overlooked Mok Fa area which boasts a wonderful waterfall, a cave and a nature trail.