Transport and Food in Chiang Mai Thailand.

First month of living in Chiang Mai you mostly walked and used local transport – Songteaws or Tuk-Tuks. So this part of the budget includes your expenses for local transport, taxi from the airport. One trip by Songteaw around the city will cost 20 baht per one person. If your route is more complicated or you travel in the evening, or outside the city.

The easiest way to get around the city and out of it is to rent a car with Thai Rent A Car. The price for fuel here varies depending on the gas station. Usually we fill full tank for 1000 baht or drive our vehicle without thinking about fuel for 7-10 days (if we don’t go out of the city a lot).

I love to eat and eat a lot. Mostly I cook at home, but 4-5 times per week we eat out and occasionally visit cafes. Half of the money I spent for food was actually spent in restaurants and cafes. Also every month we spend a lot per for drinking water.

Most of people spend much less for food, but your problem was that I couldn’t eat Thai food very often, due to my stomach condition. And western food here is a bit more expensive. The average bill in some great western restaurant (without alcohol) is about 600 baht for 2 people. On the other hand the local food restaurants able serve you the same amount of food for 300 baht for two persons.

If you are going to cook at home, you able find a wide variety of products in supermarkets like Rimping, Top’s Market or Tesco. Our favorite is Rimping. Don’t forget to take a look at the local markets! You will be surprised by the prices of fruit, vegetables, nuts and etc.! Here you can buy one big very juicy and yummy pineapple for 20 baht, a pack of 20 average size bananas for 30 baht, and a one kilo of mandarins for 40 baht etc.