Transport and Food in Chiang Mai Thailand.

First month of living in Chiang Mai you mostly walked and used local transport – Songteaws or Tuk-Tuks. So this part of the budget includes your expenses for local transport, taxi from the airport. One trip by Songteaw around the city will cost 20 baht per one person. If your route is more complicated or you travel in the evening, or outside the city, the cost can be raised from 40 baht to even 600 baht, if you are going far away from the city privately. The usual price of a Tuk-tuk for one trip is 100 baht and upwards.

The easiest way to get around the city and out of it is to rent a car with Car rental Chiang Mai. You able rent a car in Chiang Mai, we have the difference price per day or per month, depending on the condition, age and model of the vehicle. Big car of course cost more, and Car rental Chiang Mai are only recommended for longer trips outside of the city, or off-roading. The price for fuel here varies depending on the gas station. Usually we fill full tank for 1000 baht or drive our vehicle without thinking about fuel for 7-10 days (if we don’t go out of the city a lot). Going up mountains or opening up the throttle can burn gas pretty quickly though. You can read more about transportation in Chiang Mai.