The emphasis is definitely on 3 application that drove the provinces.

Many times the customer   car rental chiang mai  . Questions and problems frequently this story will be told to listen to the Lord. Mr. and help you carry these things do not help pay for it. And undamaged definitely confirmed! The Road Trip Almost everyone will have to face these problems again.

– When you drive a car to visit the other province will to loss the way, because you unfamiliar the way.

– The restaurant is one thing you have to know because you go to another province, of course everyone need to the delicious food but you do not know that and you need to ask somebody.

– Driving joyously and then fuel will to finished but you don’t know the petro station where it is.

Today the car rental chiang mai   Econ Carrent  selective focus on 3 application can use it when you drive. Specifically chosen to have a real and significant free!

Directions: Google Maps.

For directions to desired locations or simply search for the location name, then press it. The app is very easy to function as a turn by turn voice guidance with you are like a GPS unit will tell you that you have to turn a few meters. Turn left or keep right.

Including a traffic route that goes with it) Observe directions on the app to see it will help us understand the directions on the screen, the better it is advisable to search the place to go. In the app before traveling. When the car immediately press immediately. Try downloading the search well before it. It really.

Find Restaurants: Wongnai.

For who’s looking for good restaurant and come to Chiang Mai you have to test this restaurant. They have the map recommend your way, you have to go which way, your right hand or your left hand. The review consists of people with food to eat, then I think it’s really from the heart, really, really well. Even if you were a stranger who can tell right away that it deserves to shop, visit, and eat some good food and a nice atmosphere. That sense of tourism, filled my heart.

Google Map can help you, when you lose the way or you want to go the other places, it can direction your way, you can go anywhere you want to go.