Thailand – car rental chiang mai .

Renting a car in Chiang Mai is not too different from renting anywhere else. You must be in possession of either a Thai driver’s license or an International driver’s permit. Some corporation will stipulate that you must have had the license for at least a year. Some car rental companies will expect you to leave your passport with them or a substantial deposit for assure, but this varies according to the corporation.

It should be noted that rental cars in Chiang Mai may not be available in the same type of condition that you would get in western countries, however, this is usually reflected in the price of the hire. Most car hire corporations in Thailand have English speaking staff and cars able usually be booked in advance online.

Most car hire corporations in Thailand will insist on you having a damage. This is not standard driving insurance but helps to cover the driver in the event that there is injurious or loss to the car while it is in their possession. There are restrictions on the policy that need to be adhered to in order to insure full cover. Without this policy you may be liable for all charges if there is an accident or theft.

The minimum age for renting a vehicle in Thailand varies according to the company that you hire from. For example, you must be 21 years of age while car rental chiang mai has a minimum age of 23. There may also be restrictions on the kind of vehicle that a young or fairly new driver can hire.

Rental periods are normally based on a 24 hour cycle, so even if you rent the car for only part of one day then you will normally be charged for a full day.