Technical car rental by car rental chiang mai Econ Carrent.

The first step should be to rent a car at all times. It would skip booking it. I think you can still do it anyway, certainly not. (Or find out more, read the article on the Web car rental chiang mai Econ Carrent).

  1. The case of booking car hire in advance beyond the first week, do not forget to call the rental car company confirmed it for 2-3 days before my rental car. (This is to ensure that all of the bookings without dropping it. Has booked the date, time and place to get straight to the master to take it. And matches the car’s selected with and will not waste time to get the car).
  2. Check their credit card + driver + card to carry with you to complete it.   car rental chiang mai  , some of cars do not need a credit card. But some of them need to swipe a credit card deposit is required. By credit card, driver’s license need not be the same. May license your friends but we can swipe credit cards but the car will need a copy of both your ID card to be used as evidence.
  3. Send the required documents to the car rental company via email. Or other channels (If booked in advance), the Company will prepare a document that you signed a lease document before renting a car.
  4. The process of getting a rental car. Typically, this process The Company will have a document that is like a car to rent out some zonal match. You do not have the defect was not a saint now. Because you will need to check the condition before.
  5. Check the outside where there’s some wrinkles. A little bit request sends to me. (Check with me until that. He’s with me in the circle) to keep my confidence at all here. Employees are not happy Remember to check tire air all four wheels too.
  6. Exterior finish Check their car keys with me. Whether it’s door keyhole. Or trunk if there is anything wrong, sends a request to the document.
  7. Check in with what is to blame. The skirt of the rear tire tool box.
  8. Start the engine, see here usually listen to that Check the package that the oil tank is full or how much is left. (To the North. The circle will mark them as well).
  9. Check the documentation of the company. Mark the circle to defect in their vehicle. That has dropped to the point where not. (Most of them, it would not count because it scratches the car wash polish it off. But if we look deeper, it’s quite a footprint to identify it).
  10. After signing the document, Paid rent and deposit, then it can be rented to drive it.

Now you will not waste much time, and it is difficult to determine the car within 15 minutes of my own. It may be time for some but if turnout this procedure. That would have very heart Sahib at night car there.