Prepaying for rental car gasoline.

Prepaid gasoline charges mostly appeal to desire for simplicity while traveling for most people, also concerns about being late for a flights, every few minutes would added up the trip to the airport create more risk for arriving or too late to board.

Unless most people are completely sure they would return with empty tank, or have a pre-dawn flight that would make it money worth not to have to refuel the tank, don’t fall for this one. Thai Rent A Car only charge what is fair to customer. Even option that is where they charge only for fuel you actually use is tipped aggressively in the rental company favor because the cost of having them refuel your car is always higher than the cost of doing it yourself definitely. That’s why choose Thai Rent A car service.

Crossing international borders.

Most car Rental Company and Thai Rent A Car company contact agreement do not allow to drive the rental car across international borders. Additionally, most rental car insurance and Thai Rent A Car company insurance will not covers.

Credit card companies may offer some help, as most do offer coverage in many international destinations depending on the credit company.