What do we need to know about Renting a Car with Car Rental Chiang Mai of Thailand?

To rent a car with Car Rental Chiang Mai of Thailand you certainly have to be a little bit brave, or a little bit stupid. Be prepared, make sure you look in all command at one time as vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, buffalo, dogs, and elephants are likely to be travelling in your direction a variety of speeds regardless of the direction traffic is supposed to be flowing.

You will see up to half a dozen boys riding a single motorcycle, or sometimes an all family including the family dog. One time I even saw a motorcycle with a sidecar and in the sidecar was a pony.

Do we need a Thai Driver’s license to rent a car?

You may use a foreign license to rent a vehicle if the license is in English, and if you are a tourist who has been in the Kingdom for less than 90 days. If your license is correct but not in English a certified translation to Thai or English may be used in connect with the license.

Is my international Driver’s license acceptable for renting a car in Thailand?

An international driver’s license might be used for renting a car in Thailand for up to one year. After one year a Thai international license is wanted to continue driving legally. Check your insurance policy carefully, some policies will only accept a Thai License and put a limit of only three months.

Where can we obtain a Thai Driver’s license?

A Thai driver’s license may be obtained at your provinces local Department of Transportation. For Chonburi province the office is located nearby Regent’s School on Highway 36.