How to maintaining your car tires.

Checking tire air pressure, and regular tire maintenance such as gyration, alignment and inspections able help you save money. It can extend the life of your tires so you don’t have to buy as often.

Checking your tires’ pressure to make sure that they are properly inflated able make a real difference in how long your tires last. Under or over-inflated tires don’t wear evenly and won’t last as long. An example, a tire that is consistently 20% under- inflated can last 20% less. That means a tire that should in normally last 60,000 miles would be worn out by 48,000 miles. Also, since the front and rear axles and right and left sides of your vehicle wear down your tires differently, rotating your tires regularly among the different positions will assure they wear evenly and last longer.

Inspect your tire: You might not always notice if one of your tires has been damaged. Inspect your tires regularly for wear and any damage to avoid any sudden troubles. Also, have a professional inspect your tires every year.

Respect the load capacity: Car rental Chiang Mai recommend do not exceed the maximum load capacity relative to the tire’s load index. Tires loaded beyond their maximum loads able build up excessive heat that may result in sudden tire destruction.

Driving at high speed could damage your tire: At greater speeds, tires have greater a chance of being damaged by road hazards or heat build-up. High speeds can also support to a rapid air loss or even a sudden tire explosion, which can cause the loss of control of the car.

Use your spare tire! If you see any damage to a tire or wheel, replace it with your spare tire and have your tire inspection by a professional.