How to Extend the Life of Your Car and Avoid Problems.

1.) Get to know your car.

Your owner’s handbook is a valuable source of information about your car. therefore we have to attentive and take care every spare parts. The manual car is very important for us, because it will tell you how to use various features of your car and prevent problems. Between other things, it has a map of the engine compartment,

2.) Have your oil change done regularly.

All moving parts inside your engine are lubricated by oil. As you drive, the engine oil gets filthy and loses its lubricating qualities. Your engine wears faster if the engine oil is old and contaminated. Thai Rent A Car would suggest you by having your oil changes done regularly, you keep your machine well lubricated and clean inside. When you drive some oil is consumed and the oil level drops. Running low on oil also add engine wear. That is why it’s also important to periodically inspection the engine oil level and top it up if it’s low.

3.) Keep all fluids in your car clean.

The health of your automatic transmission depends up on the condition of the transmission fluid. The same goes for the brake and power steering systems, the engine cooling system, transfer case and front and rear differentials. All the fluids are vital for your vehicle and over time they evaporate, seep or lose their qualities, so change as wanted and top up when the level is low.

4.) Be aware of early signs of troubles Temperature gauge.

Any problem with your vehicle will be less expensive to repair if caught early. So Car rental Chiang Mai recommend, have your car inspection out as soon as possible if you notice any signs of troubles. Warning lights on the smash, engine temperature rising more than normal, leaks, sound when driving over bumps or while braking, uncommon smell, difference in the way the vehicle drives or shifts gears are some of the early signs of mechanical problems.

5.) Wash and wax your vehicle regularly, rustproof to prevent from rust.

Wash your car regularly if you live in the rust belt, rust proof your cars to defense the brake and fuel lines as well as other undercarriage components from rust. Wash your vehicle regularly as the corrosion starts in filthy areas. Replace your wiper blades at least twice a year; they are not expensive. Wax your vehicle once in a while; car wax protects the paint and keeps it shiny. Touch up stone penny and scratches before they get corroded. Read more at car body care tips.