Driving in Bangkok.

Everyone would know well about Bangkok, today Crown Car Rental Chiang Mai will bring you to know more. Bangkok is notorious for its traffic and for good reason. If you are hiring a car from the airport to drive out of Bangkok to another province or destination the highways are good and traffic en route isn’t usually too much of an issue. Add to this the unfamiliar avenue signs and drivers doing unexpected U-turns and it can be a better choice, and much less stress, to use public transport while you are in Bangkok.

Filling up with fuel.

Petrol or gasoline stations are easy to find and numerous in Thailand. Most hire vehicles seem to run on unleaded petrol and Gasohol (gasoline with ethanol mix) whilst mini-vans tend to use diesel. Unleaded fuel and Gasohol is currently about the 35-40 Baht a liter mark with diesel hovering around 30 Baht a liter. Credit and debit cards able be used at the bigger gas stations (Esso, Shell, Caltex etc.) and in most Thai towns, cities and resorts although in some countryside areas it is cash only.

so it’s always a good idea to have cash with you. When you pull into a filling station in Thailand you won’t usually want to get out of your vehicle once you arrive at the pump. An attendant will fill up your tank for you, take the money and will also clean your windscreen if you needed. If you do want to stretch your legs, gas stations are as a great a place as any to do so with parking, toilets and places to eat all close at hand.