Car rental  Chiang Mai

An effective choice to explore the country

Tourists and expats are alike usually rent a car as for explore the country. You’ll be able to rent a car on your own, or several choice to rent one with a driver.

Many rental firms provide the car with a driver that saves you the matter of driving in a foreign country, particularly if you aren’t accustomed to driving in Chiang Mai. It additionally create a better choice for you to merely look out the window to revel and enjoys the scenery.

In Chiang Mai if you have hired a driver for a full day you are generally expected to support a lunch for as well. The driver may reject the first time, but it will be appreciated if you do provide something for him to drink or eat.


The costs of renting a car varies depending on where in Chiang Mai you would like to rent it, however the main countrywide company such as, car rental chiang mai, Budget Rental Car tend to have standard prices.

Renting a car approximately costs 1,400 Bath per day without a driver and also note that you have to pay a deposit as guarantee by your credit card.

There are many rental car companies are mainly located near the airport and train station or bus station, such as car rental chiang mai and so on.

Tips for driving a rental car in Chiang Mai Thailand.

– Drive on the left hand.

– Attempt to adapt to the local conditions

– Taxi and bus drivers can be aggressive, thus you must be ready to drive defensively.

– Watch out of motorcycle riders since they tend to be quite reckless.

– Please respect the fact that the drivers are very polite and gentle.

– It is not suggested to drive at night due to heavy truck traffic on the roads.

Note: inspection the level of insurance offered when you rent a car. Corporation may say that they are fully insured, when actually they only carry a basic level of insurance.