Booking Your Car

How long will you be renting? If it’s for less than a week, you’ll probably do best with a major rental company, such as car rental chiang mai  For rentals of a week or longer, you may get a better rates from local firms, particularly auto dealers. Remember, however, to watch out of Local Corporation if you plan to drive a lot.

Always shop around. Inspection the major booking engines and aggregation sites to get an idea of what rates are available, but you should also visit the car rental firm’ Web sites as well.

To lower your rate, ask about discounts for any important national organizations and credit card programs to which you may belong. They’ll frequently offer deals on vehicle rentals. Those offered through can be very good. If you’re employed by a firm that frequently rents cars, they may have a bargain rate.

If you haven’t already, consider joining your car rental corporation’s loyalty program when you book. These vary by company, but most of them are free and entitle you to certain franchise when picking up your vehicle; your information will be on file ahead of time, allowing you to easily jump into the car and go rather than standing in a long line or filling out document. You could also be suitable for special discounts or free upgrades.

The newest way to save on rental vehicles is to hook up with a car share service. If you stay near a major city or you’re a frequent renter, you might save money by joining a car share, such as Econ Carrent.