Advice on driving safely from Car Rental Chiang Mai.

Reduce the speed of driving: Probably already know that the slower, can control the car well and control is important in driving, Car Rental Chiang Mai said that. Even in times of urgency was not bowled forget this simple rule. It is the first rule that you can do to maintain your car and keep you safe.

Do not use your phone while driving: For people who use a phone while driving, Car Rental Chiang Mai have something to tell those people, including yourself. Call your friends while driving that, the risk to smash other cars will be increased to 4 times.

Control of irritability when you’re driving: We know that it’s very easy to become irritated, upset, once you on the way, we had to try to reduce anger when you are driving. For this cause one that will cause an accident. You have to try to control it until they reach their destination.

Should not have sharp objects stored in the car: If an accident, you will want the security and engagement will not harm you. Therefore, it should not keep sharp objects such as knives, scissors or other sharp objects in the car.

Rule 2 seconds to avoid the harm caused by the failure of another vehicle: Do not expect anything from a fellow traveler on the issue, if you remember this and act accordingly, you will be able to avoid situations where unexpected things. We recommend the “rules 2 seconds.” when you want to overtake the vehicle in front. To use a technical observation symbols, such as stop sign, bridges, street lights.

Do not drive when you drunk: We emphasize this rule more than others due to drink alcoholic beverages and then driving is something that should not be done is strictly prohibited.