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Thai Rent A Car best Car rental service, fast and honest, low rental rate with friendly service. Chiang Mai local Thai Rent A Car company rental car pick up right at the airport and free pick up and drop off with in Chiang Mai city. New compact and mid side rental cars (Honda city and Honda Jazz).

We are local car rental company operates in Chiang Mai low rental rate for the best rental  cars conditions. No hassles rental contact and low deposit.

Thank you for choosing Econcarrent.


1,300 Baht/Day

Honda Jazz 2015 Automatic transmission 4 seats

1 Day : 1,300 Baht/Day

More 2 Day : 950 Baht/Day


1,300 Baht/Day

Honda New City 2015 Automatic transmission 4 seats

1 Day : 1,300 Baht/Day

More 2 Day : 950 Baht/Day

HONDA CITY 2013 & 2014

1,200 Baht/Day

Honda City 2013 & 2014 Automatic transmission 4 seats

1 Day : 1,200 Baht/Day

More 2 Day : 800 Baht/Day


1,800 Baht/Day

Toyota Commuter(van) Automatic transmission 14 seat

* Gasoline not included

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